Women & Education Abroad

In order to have a rewarding and safe experience, it is important to be aware of the cultural, legal, and social issues affecting gender roles, relationships, and dating. Begin your research by examining the resources below and talking with other students who have been abroad or international students here at CSU. Our staff will work with you to identify programs and locations to fit your needs and help prepare you for your international experience.

Cross-Cultural Adaptation Among Women:

How Living Internationally Affects Your Life

Gender Abroad

Resources for women’s safety issues abroad created by Northwestern University.

Journeywoman Online

Information for women travelers from women travelers; there is also a free e-mail newsletter you can subscribe to from this site.

Culturally Correct Clothing Advice

A collection of country-specific tips from women travelers created by Journeywoman Online.

Sexual Harassment And Prevention In College Students Studying Abroad

Article on sexual harassment while studying abroad, including women’s experiences, causes and ways to prevent harassment.

Transitions Abroad: Women Travel

A collection of first-hand articles, websites and agencies by this award-winning, respected travel magazine.

University of Michigan International Center Women Abroad Guide

Resources that seek to help women be knowledgeable, prepared and safe abroad. Site also includes a collection of student comments, tips, and written resources.

Tips for Women Travelers

From Rick Steve’s Graffiti Wall, tips for women traveling to Europe from women who traveled to Europe on packing, appropriate attire, safety, etc.

Books & Articles

Go Girl! The Black Woman’s Book of Travel and Adventure. Elaine Lee – Eighth Mountain Press, 1997.
What’s the Subject of Study Abroad? Race, Gender and Living Culture. M. Stewart & S. Talburt – Modern Language Journal 82 (2), 1999.
Bibliography compiled by the University of Michigan’s International Center.

CSU Resources:

Colorado State University’s Women and Gender Advocacy Center