Do more at CSU. Get a passport.


Why get a passport?

A passport is more than a legal document – it’s your gateway to the world. International experiences allow students to gain confidence, flexibility, adaptability and knowledge of other cultures, and having a passport is the first step in taking advantage of the hundreds of opportunities available to CSU students.

It takes 6-8 weeks to get a passport, which is valid for 10 years. Apply now – you never know when an opportunity to travel for school, work or pleasure may come up.


Go abroad and still graduate on time while earning credit toward your major and immersing yourself in a new language and culture. Study alongside local and other international students at a foreign institution. Learn from CSU faculty at our international outpost in Todos Santos, Mexico. Sail around the world on CSU’s floating campus with Semester at Sea. Earn CSU credit while traveling with CSU students on short-term, faculty-led programs to locations like Cuba, Ghana, Italy, New Zealand, and beyond.


Conduct hands-on research and valuable fieldwork on a wide range of topics in diverse global environments. Explore historical sites and observe ancient works. Address complex global challenges and needs. Build relationships and encourage sustainable development. Make valuable empirical discoveries.


Gain valuable work experience and advance your skills in a competitive global marketplace. Learn how to conduct business in another language. Make cross-cultural connections and expand your worldwide professional network. Apply and fine-tune classroom knowledge in an actual work environment.


Provide meaningful service within an international host community through programs like Alternative Break. Interact with locals to collaborate on projects related to sustainability, health, education, conservation and more. Contribute to different cultural, environmental and socioeconomic communities across the world. Make an impact and create change through a mutually beneficial volunteer experience.