Work Abroad

Want to earn some extra money while abroad? A short-term work program is a great way to combine your international travel plans with some work experience. Not only will you improve your language skill by working in another country, but you will also be able to develop intercultural communication skills that are necessary in the global working environment.

Keep in mind that most short-term work will be in restaurants, childcare (au pair), farm work, or the hospitality industry. A job overseas typically lasts a summer although the duration varies depending on seasonal needs.

Work visas: The United States does not have official working holiday agreements with most countries. However, a few are willing to issue US citizens (usually under 30 years old) short-term work visas. To find out more about a country’s immigration policies, visit its government website or contact the nearest embassy or consulate.

CSU Career Center International Work resources provide the best guidance for securing employment post-graduation and for professional employment.


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