Ryan Thompson

Education Abroad Peer Advisor

(970) 491-6342


Lakewood, Colorado

Major / Minor

B.S. Biological Science

Education Abroad Program

Studied in the United Kingdom at the University of Leicester


As a part of my lifelong quest to find the best fish and chips on earth, I decided to spend my junior year studying abroad at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom. Travel was a big part of my study abroad experience, and while studying in Leicester I had plenty of time to explore the English countryside, searching towns like York and London for that perfect combination of battered fish and greasy fries.  Eventually I realized that aside from fish and chips, I really didn’t enjoy British food, so I took my appetite to “the continent”.  Between Winter Break and Easter Break, I had plenty of time to scour Europe, searching for new and creative ways to clog my arteries with delicious cuisine.  My favo(u)rites were francesinha (which I believe is Portuguese for “heart attack sandwich”) and kebabs, which beat out fish and chips as my all time favo(u)rite food.  While exploring “the continent” was fun, my best memories from studying abroad lie in Leicester.  Perhaps my favorite memory is when the local “football” team won the Barclays Premier League (the equivalent of the Cleveland Browns winning the Super Bowl—impossible, I know), and the city hosted a massive parade and concert to celebrate.

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