Megan Ash

Education Abroad Peer Advisor
(970) 491-6342


Fort Collins, Colorado

Major / Minor

B.A. International Studies and Spanish

Education Abroad Program

Studied in Alcalá de Henares, Spain


I studied abroad during the spring semester of 2014 in Alcalá de Henares, Spain, a mid-sized university town near Madrid. As a Spanish major, my main goal during my stay was to improve my Spanish. I lived with a host family and took all of my courses in Spanish, which greatly helped me to improve during the semester. Living with a host family was the best decision – I learned so much about the culture, was invited to take trips with the family, and made lifelong friends. I have already been back to visit them multiple times, and I know that we will continue to see and speak to each other throughout our lives. The university gave us opportunities to get involved with the community such as a language exchange program with Spanish students, volunteering in Spanish schools, and field trips to historical and cultural sites in Madrid and other parts of Spain. I had three day weekends and a longer vacation that allowed me to travel throughout Spain and the rest of Europe. It was an incredible experience that got me hooked on traveling and learning foreign languages.

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