Mallory Manley

Education Abroad Peer Advisor
(970) 491-6342


Baltimore, Maryland

Major / Minor

B.S. Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology

Education Abroad Programs

Studied in Todos Santos, Mexico and Pacific Harbor, Fiji


I absolutely loved studying abroad, and plan to do more traveling after I graduate in Spring 2016. I have studied abroad twice, one program was affiliated with CSU and the other was not. My first travel abroad experience was the Summer of 2015 to Pacific Harbor, Fiji where I did shark behavior and conservation research. I went through a program called Broadreach, which is not affiliated with CSU. I spent one month in this amazing country, living with families in Fiji, learning about their culture and doing lots of scuba diving. I cannot wait to go back! My second study abroad experience was the spring semester of 2016. I was apart of the first semester group to study at the CSU center in Todos Santos, Mexico. Words cannot describe how amazing this experience was. I took a full schedule of 16 credits and was taught by CSU faculty also staying at the center. However, a majority of our class was outside doing hands on learning, and exploring Mexico. I highly encourage and recommend studying abroad, it changed my life forever.

Education Abroad staff