Estimated Costs & Insurance

Tuition* & General Fees: 15 Credits – Covered by exchange agreement

Accommodation & meals: $5,700 (in shared residence hall room; paid for by CSU in a few exchange agreements)
SEVIS fee: $90
CSU ID card: $25
University technology fee: $25
Books & supplies: $570
Personal expenses: $1,000 – $2,000 depending on spending habits
Airfare: $750 – $2,000
CSU Health Insurance: $743 for Fall 2016; $808 for Spring/Summer 2017 (see CSU International Student Health Insurance)

*Some courses involve special fees (such as lab fees), which are the responsibility of the individual student.
Enrolling in more than 15 credits or 5 classes incurs extra tuition charges that will be the responsibility
of the student.

Mandatory Health Insurance Requirements

Semester Only Students (Fall or Spring)

Semester students will be automatically enrolled in the CSU SHIP (Student Health Insurance Policy). The charge will appear on their CSU bill and be due to pay September 10 (Fall) or February 10 (Spring). All students are strongly encouraged to use CSU SHIP as the policy is well-known and fully accepted on campus. CSU SHIP coverage begins January 15th. It is recommended that students have temporary insurance coverage up to this date.

Limited exceptions will be considered through a waiver process. Very few, if any waivers are allowed due to the level of requirements. Student will need to submit a waiver form (via myedabroad portal) and proof of alternative insurance.  In order for waiver to be reviewed the information must be submitted no later than no later than November 15 for the Spring semester. The policy information needs to written in English and include the student’s name and coverage dates. The coverage minimum requirements per federal law:


  • Medical coverage of $100,000
  • No greater than a $500.00 deductible per person
  • Minimum of $25,000 in repatriation benefits
  • Minimum of $50,000 in medical evacuation benefits


Students are STRONGLY encouraged to include coverage of pre-existing conditions in their policy as this is essential to effective healthcare in the United States. It is the recommendation of Colorado State University that students use the CSU SHIP policy.


Academic Year and Calendar Year Students

*Not eligible for a waiver.

CSU International Student Health Insurance must be purchased by all exchange students studying at CSU for more than one semester. The CSU Health Insurance Plan begins the date January 15th. It is recommended that students have temporary insurance coverage up to this date.