Getting Started

For students considering the Study Abroad experience, follow these ten steps to get started with the process. Please read these carefully. If you have questions that cannot be answered by the Education Abroad Handbook, or our Frequently Asked Questions, feel free to contact us with your question.

Read The Education Abroad Handbook 
The Education Abroad Handbook is designed as a tool to help you through the process of selecting and applying to a study abroad program. It highlights CSU Education Abroad programs and processes and will hopefully answer many questions you might have!

Talk to a Peer Advisor 
Visit our office during general walk-in hours which are open to any student who wishes to know more about education abroad opportunities. Appointments are not needed to speak with our Peer Advisors. After speaking with a peer advisor, you may want to schedule an appointment to speak with an Education Abroad Advisor.

Define Your Goals for an Education Abroad Experience
Use the worksheet on Page 5 of the Education Abroad Handbook to identify your goals for your education abroad program experience. What do you hope to achieve while abroad?

Research Program Options
Once you have defined your goals and priorities for education abroad, begin to search for and identify suitable programs. Look at our subject guide to see which disciplines align with CSU programs. Begin to learn about the country in which you want to travel to. Talk with program alumni and foreign students to learn more. Will you need a visa? Visa and Travel Resources.

Meet With Your Academic Advisor
Discuss how your proposed study abroad course work will fit with your CSU degree requirements. Make a plan for graduation that includes study abroad. There are many academic considerations to keep in mind so be sure you are thoroughly informed of the degree requirement implications. Consider using the Transfer Credit form as a resource to find a program that is a good academic fit.

Meet With Your Education Abroad Coordinator
Once you have determined what country and program you are interested in, meet with the appropriate coordinator in the Education Abroad office to discuss your plans. Use our program search to help you find the Education Abroad program you are interested in.

Build Your Budget/Check Out Financial Aid and Scholarships
For students interested in finding out what financial aid may be available to use toward study abroad, contact the Office of Financial Aid. OFA can help determine what aid you may be eligible for. Scholarship opportunities are available from CSU and other external organizations. Research your scholarship options early!

Be sure you submit your application and supporting documents by the deadlines. See the How to Apply page for more information. Those participating in affiliated or unaffiliated programs or by direct enrollment must complete BOTH the online application for CSU authorization AND an admission application directly with the program provider or host institution.

Read the Education Abroad handbook and attend the Education Abroad predeparture workshops and sites pecific orientation sessions. Ask questions! Learn all you can about the new culture (including health and safety).

Pack your bags…
grab your passport,
and get on the plane!