Core Values

As the Education Abroad unit of the Office of International Program at CSU we strive to meet the diverse interests and needs of our stakeholders by offering a wide variety of Education Abroad programs. To ensure exceptional quality of all programs, regardless of location, type, length or focus, we adhere to a set of Core Values that shape and guide our work.

The Core Values of the Education Office form the foundation upon which we develop and implement all of our programs and operations.

Academic Integrity

Enhancing student’s education with quality, intentional, and rigorous academic programs abroad.

Responsible Global Engagement

Developing interculturally competent, globally aware, and responsibly engaged citizens and leaders.

Health and Safety

Striving to ensure the health and safety of the CSU community abroad.


Offering a pallet of education abroad programs that meet the interests and economic means of diverse populations with a focus on underrepresented students in Education Abroad.


Working in partnership with CSU faculty, departments, and stakeholders to develop innovative and strategic programs.


Ensuring fiscal and administrative responsibility to best serve our students and stakeholders.

Personal and Professional Development

Facilitating the development of students as lifelong learners who are successful as individuals, professionals, and members of society.