Consider exchange or short-term programs

On exchange programs a CSU student pays the equivalent of CSU in-state tuition, saving you a sizable amount in instructional costs compared to many other programs. See the table below for examples of countries/regions where exchange programs can help you save!

Country/regionIn-State Resident Exchange ProgramCSU Study Abroad

Admission as an exchange recipient can be competitive for certain programs. Talk to a CSU Education Abroad Advisor to learn more about how exchange programs work, and the available opportunities around the world. Exchange program applicants should ALWAYS apply for a CSU- scholarship if they hope to be seriously considered for an exchange position.

Short term faculty-led programs: Every summer and winter break, Colorado State University faculty and staff teach short-term CSU courses abroad.  There are programs for CSU credit through CSU Online/DCE.

Country/RegionCSU Short-Term
Europe (multi-city)$7,859
Aix en Provence, France$5,932
Prague, Czech Republic$8,708
Beijing, China$6,439
Costa Rica$4,747
Valparaiso, Chile$5,121

International Field Experiences: Programs which do not offer credit are referred to as International Field Experiences (IFE).  While IFE programs are not eligible for financial aid, they allow students to have an international experience, which may include the support of a CSU faculty or staff member. Faculty-led Education Abroad or International Field Experiences are great for first time travelers or students wishing to expand their contacts within CSU departments.