Conduct & Health Abroad

Part of staying safe and having a positive experience is also being aware of your personal limits.

The CSU Conduct Code still applies abroad

Inappropriate or dangerous behavior can result in program expulsion and/or consequences at CSU. Likewise, students with CSU disciplinary infractions may not be authorized to participate on an education abroad program until the punitive consequences are resolved.

Know the laws and cultural norms for your destination

Avoid high risk activities and behaviors

Be aware: The most frequent reason students are injured or otherwise hurt while abroad usually involves alcohol consumption.

Ask for help when you need it

The dramatic changes from entering a new environment can result in physical health and/or mental health crises, so please see a doctor or seek other help if you don’t feel well for an extended period of time. Also, know that the CSU Health Network has provided SKYPE appointments to students abroad during periods of high emotional stress.