Compare CSU costs to education abroad costs

The posted estimated costs for CSU Education Abroad Programs are very comprehensive, including much more than just tuition and living costs.  To compare your CSU costs to education abroad costs, you need to know your comprehensive cost for a semester at CSU.  See below for estimates.

 CSU cost (resident)CSU cost (non-resident)*Alcalá, Spain*Prague, Czech Republic *Sydney, Australia*Keele, EnglandCannes, France (AIFS)
Total cost per semester~ $11,684~ $20,368$14,192$10,089$19,845 (CO resident)
$24,271 (non-resident)
$15,137 (CO resident)
$18,148 (non-resident)

Above costs include tuition/fees, room & board, books, health insurance, personal expenses, communication costs, transportation (incl. airfare for going abroad) and more. The CSU costs were taken from the Office of Financial Aid Cost of Attendance page for the 2015-16 academic year. Program costs can be located through our program search tool.

Choose a program that fits your budget

This is THE most important way to make education abroad a reality for you. The cost of going abroad really varies from program to program. Do not ignore cost when making your decision! Talk to a Education Abroad Coordinator to ensure that you have explored all of the possible program options, and remember that there is NOT a direct correlation between the cost of a program and the quality of your experience abroad. Be sure to utilize the budget sheet in the Education Abroad Handbook to compare program costs.

CountryLarger citiesMid-sized Cities
FranceParis = $25,934Rennes = $20,833
SpainBarcelona = $17,000Salamanca = $13,140
EnglandLondon = $19,550Norwich = $13,500
Argentina / ChileBuenos Aires = $16,718Valparaiso = $13,721
AustraliaSydney = $24,859Wollongong = $15,519
JapanTokyo = $28,264Akita = $12,712

You may also wish to consider a program in a non-traditional location (such as Latin America, Africa or Asia), as these locations often have lower costs of living that can decrease the overall program cost.