Apply to scholarships and financial aid (loans and/or grants)

Consult the scholarships webpage for more comprehensive information about scholarship opportunities, for which credit-bearing programs are eligible. Apply for as many scholarships as possible, don’t miss deadlines and follow scholarship instructions carefully!

Office of International Programs Scholarships:

  • Summer programs: March 1
  • Fall/Academic Year/Winter Break programs: April 15
  • Spring programs: October 15

If you currently receive institutional/state/federal financial aid, including VA benefits, you can apply your aid to the cost of your education abroad program. Discuss financial aid applicability with your Benefits Coordinator and Education Abroad Coordinator. If you don’t currently receive State/Federal financial aid, we encourage you to apply, as your financial aid package may change. Most students will at least qualify for some type of aid, which can help you fund your education abroad experience or serve as a back-up source of funding. You can find additional information about using financial aid on the Office of Financial Aid website.