Trenice Lane, Peer Advisor

As I was told many times before, ‘studying abroad will be the best experience of your college career’. If I had not listened to these words, I would not have TreniceLane_largeembarked on an amazing journey to explore the world and set new future goals based on my study abroad experience. I went to Granada, Spain and attended ‘La Universidad de Granada’ in the fall of 2014. The classes were small so it was convenient to speak to the teachers; I would have loved to go to school with the locals, but we went to a school with all of the students who were studying abroad! Fortunately, the university provided us with many opportunities to meet with the locals to improve our Spanish! I loved that the university had their own textbooks and I was so thankful that they were only 5 Euros, especially coming from Colorado State where the textbooks are a little expensive. The teachers were really personable and by studying with other students from United States it was easy for them to be empathetic to the frustration of learning a new language, but also the excitement of traveling and being in love with another culture.

I studied with the program AIFS, and the places I went to were within the program. We went to Sevilla, Córdoba, and Gibraltar. It was so exciting to be in other places! Since traveling to Spain was my first experience being on a plane and being outside of the country, I had the opportunity to see my first beach in Nerja, Spain. I also went bungee jumping, and just let go and was flying, best decision ever! It was so beautiful and I would never trade those special moments for anything. Being in Spain, I was the happiest I have ever been in my life. Everything was so special, and it was very beautiful seeing people enjoying each other’s company, spending time, laughing, eating, and every single moment was just full of life. Not a single day went by in Spain that my heart didn’t feel excitement and happiness.

I met so many amazing people. Meeting with locals and also other students in the study abroad program made the experience of traveling to a different country so special. It’s not just being abroad, it’s the people that you create your memories with, and you will meet people from all over the world and know them for a lifetime. When I went out on the town with all of my friends the popular song there was Enrique Iglesias’s “Bailando,” I learned so much, not only Spanish but to dance like there is no tomorrow, live each moment, and stretch out every second of life; Spain was my piece of happiness and I would love to return. I have an entire future ahead of me and that includes finishing my degree in Spanish and Business and obtaining my masters in Tourism. Spain, gave me the life I needed when I needed it, and that’s why I would dedicate and take the time to advise other students to take a chance and go abroad, live life, and explore. Bailando, bailando, no pasa nada, VIVIR!!