Elyssa Evans, Peer Advisor

Studying in Shanghai, China was an extremely worthwhile experience. Although I was only there for five weeks, I was able to experience and learn so much in aElyssaEvans_large very short time. At East China Normal University, students were sorted into classes based on their skill level in reading, writing and speaking Chinese, and the very small class sizes of 10-12 students allowed for lots of personal attention from the instructors. In the language classes, we not only learned practical vocabulary and grammar, but also about fun, modern subjects like how one would text in Chinese or start a home-office business in China. In the afternoon classes, we learned all about Chinese culture, from food to politics to geography. I spent a lot of time in class learning, but I also had plenty of time to explore Shanghai alone or with friends. ECNU introduced us to students that were planning on studying abroad at CSU in the future, so we were able to make friends with native speakers our own age, and spend time having fun and exploring the city with them as well. The instructors and other ECNU students were extremely helpful with both classwork and giving recommendations of the best places to go and see after classes. There was a great balance between going to class, learning lots about the Chinese Language and culture, and utilizing that knowledge to navigate the city and spend free time doing fun and entertaining things. All and all my classmates and I were able to learn and experience a lot during our time at ECNU, and I hope I never forget the time I spent in China.