Sarah Martinez, Peer Advisor

My experience living in Spain is still hard for me to put into words.  There were hard times, fun times, and times that I learned about myself and those around me.  I had the martinez-largetime of my life.  It was a trip that I will never forget.

I lived in Bilbao, Spain which is in Basque Country in Northern Spain.  The Basque country is rich in its culture as the Basque people have been around for centuries—the Basquan language is one of the oldest languages in the World.  I studied at the University of Deusto which is in the heart of downtown Bilbao.  A small bridge connected Deusto’s historic campus with the contemporary Guggenheim museum.  It is easy for me to say that Bilbao is the most beautiful city I have ever seen; the classic European-influenced buildings and cobblestone streets is surrounded by tropical beaches and modern architecture.

At Duesto, I took classes in Spanish and Spanish culture.  My favorite class was conversation hour where we collaborated with the native students of Bilbao (that were learning English). It was a great experience practicing Spanish with people who were learning your primary language. And while there was constant learning in the classroom, most of my learning happened outside of Deusto with my host family. They welcomed me into their family and were my tour guides around the Basque country, taking me to the coolest secret places.  They were also really patient when listening to me speak Spanish. They pushed me out of my comfort zone by making me talk a lot and I was amazed by how much Spanish I quickly picked up.  My family, along with the other natives of Bilbao, was my favorite part of my time in Spain.